Stomatology - a branch of medicine dealing with the study of the teeth, their structure and functioning, and their diseases, methods of prevention and treatment, as well as diseases of the mouth, jaws and border areas of the face and neck. Doctor, involved in this medical sphere is called a stomatologist.

The main sections of stomatology:

· Therapeutic dentistry;

· Endodontics;

· Orthopedic dentistry;

· Pediatric Dentistry;

· Orthodontics;

· Periodontology;

· Maxillofacial Surgery;

· Implantology.

Therapeutic stomatology

Therapeutic dentistry - a branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the mouth and teeth, anatomical and functional disorders (defects), recovery appeared shortcomings.


This is the section of therapeutic dentistry dealing with treatment of diseases of the dental pulp (pulpitis, periodontitis and others.).


This branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment and prevention of anomalies of dental system deficiencies, and functional disorders with anatomical special methods. Modern prosthetic dentistry is taken from the initial prosthetic technique. Dentures that are assessed in prosthetic dentistry, reduce defects and anatomical form and function. Dentures are emerging in construction and permanent.

Pediatric Dentistry

This branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and treatment of primary teeth and diseases encountered in a mixed bite.


Orthodontics - section prosthetic dentistry, specializing in the treatment of abnormalities of dentition.


Section dentistry dealing with prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the gums.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Section dentistry, aimed at treatment of inflammatory diseases, injuries, birth defects of the maxillofacial system. In many countries, maxillofacial surgery does not apply to dentistry. It refers to the dentist surgery, which takes place in the mouth.


Dental implants are used to compensate damages, rotting, loss of teeth due to endodontic  or periodontal pathologies. Dental implants of traumatic surgical operating technique are using for introduction into the jawbone, followed by coalescence with the aim of prosthesis, performing the function of the tooth roots. Basically, made from titanium. Condition of boiling dental implants in the bone is called osseointegration.

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