Branch for the treatment of diseases of the liver deals with all the problems that may affect the function of liver - as congenital diseases and the effect of toxins and household products, drugs, alcohol, and chronic viral hepatitis - B, C and D, fatty liver and autoimmune damage cirrhosis of any etiology.

The department operates a vaccination study, which made vaccination against viral hepatitis, annual influenza vaccination.

Treatment of viral hepatitis is given a special place- doctors of the department participate in international conferences and seminars. Improving their knowledge.

Head of department- PhD in medical sciences Agayeva Gulnara is a member of the European and Asia-Pacific Association for the treatment of liver disease, for many years in favor of the country and abroad to give lectures on topical issues of Hepatology, participates in international expert groups to discuss new antivirus drugs. Her science research in 2008 were noted among the best works of the Asia-Pacific Association.

The department employs doctors: pediatrician who treats children with hepatic pathology, dietician, which develops individual diet for patients with different problems of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for patients who are overweight, the doctor engaged in intensive care and monitoring of the most  difficult group with liver cirrhosis and liver failure.

The personnel of department differences by professionalism, well-coordinated and efficient work, attentive and courteous attitude to patients.

The slogan of our department - "We take care of your liver!"